Cylinder Bank And Cylinder Row

Cylinder Bank and Cylinder Rows are the different arrangement of cylinders in a multi-cylinder engine. Lets see this two arrangements in details below.

1) Cylinder Bank :-
In this arrangement of cylinders, the center line of crankshaft journal is parallel to the cylinders arrangement. When the cylinders are arranged in this way, the engine is called inline engine or straight engine.
When there is large number of cylinders, the cylinders are arranged in two lines which are at an angle to each other in V Shape. Each line in such arrangement is called Cylinder Bank. The angle between the cylinder banks is known as bank angle.
Cylinder Bank are found in inline and V Shaped Engine . Some of them are single bank engines and other are multi bank engine.

Cylinder Banks
Cylinder Banks

2) Cylinder Row :-
It is the arrangement of cylinders in an engine in which the center line of crankshaft is perpendicular to the center line of cylinders in the engine. These cylinders are actually arranged radially and are perpendicular to center line crankshaft.
In this type of cylinder the cylinder radiate outward from a central crankcase like the spokes of a wheel.
A radial engine was first constructed by C.M Manly in 1901.
If the engine has more than one row, it is called multi-row cylinder.

Single Row Radial Engine

Multi row Radial Engine

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