Electrolux Refrigeration System

Electrolux Refrigeration is also known as Domestic Eloctolux refrigeration or sometimes known as Three fluid Refrigeration as it uses three fluids for the cooling process which are ammonia, water and hydrogen.

Ammonia works as a coolant in this refrigeration system.
Water is used as a solvent. Ammonia is dissolved in the water.
Hydrogen gas is used to increase the rate of evaporation and hence rate of cooling. Hydrogen increases evaporation rate as it is very lightweight gas and is not soluble in water.

Electrolux Refrigeration System
Electrolux Refrigeration System

Different components of Eloctolux Refrigerator are :-

1) Generator
Solution of Ammonia (NH3) and water is present inside this generator.

2) Gas Burner
It heats the generator. Ammonia and Water inside the generator is heated and the ammonia dissolved in water changes to vapour.

3) Rectifier
The vapour from generator produced by heating solution of Ammonia and water reaches the rectifier after leaving the generator. This vapour contains ammonia vapour and some particles of Water (H2O) .
Rectifier will keep the water particles and will only allow Ammonia vapour to pass through it. After passing the rectifier, the ammonia vapour will go to the condenser. Water particles will be sent to the generator again.

4) Condenser
Condenser will convert ammonia vapour into liquid ammonia. After this liquid ammonia will be sent to evaporator.

5) Evaporator
Liquid ammonia from the condenser will come here and will extract heat from the evaporator. Hydrogen gas coming from the absorber will be added to the evaporator and will mix with ammonia. This hydrogen gas will increase the evaporation rate and cooling rate. After that the heated mixture of ammonia vapour and hydrogen will go back to absorber. In this absorber, water is already there which will dissolve ammonia in it and as hydrogen is insoluble it will not get dissolved. Hydrogen will rise and will again go to the evaporator.

6) Absorber
In the absorber, water and hydrogen is present. Water is present at the bottom and hydrogen gas is present above that. As the hydrogen is very light and insoluble in water, so it will go to the evaporator. Ftrr being heated in evaporator mixture of ammonia and hydrogen in gaseous form will come back to the absorber.

7) Heat Exchanger
After mixing in absorber the solution of water and ammonia will go to the Heat Exchanger and then it will be send back to the generator. Heat Exchange will recieve heat from the hot weak ammonia and water solution coming from the generator and this will be recieved by ammonia and water solution coming from the absorber and after being heated this solution goes back to the generator. The weak solution of ammonia and water which release heat in exchanger goes to the absorber.

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