Inversion Of Single Slider Crank Shaft

Before jumping to Single Slider Crank Shaft and its inversion Lets see some important definition that will help you easily understand this topic. These definitions are :-
Links :-
1) Kinematic Chain :-
kinematic chain is an assembly of rigid bodies connected by joints.

2) Links :-
Rigid bodies in kinematic chain are known as links.

3) Mechanism :-
When one of the links of kinematic chain is fixed, the chain is known as Mechanism.

4) Inversion :- The process of fixing different links of a kinematic chainone at a time to produce distinct mechanism is called kinematic inversion.

5) Pair :-
A group of two links is called pair.

The single Slider Crank Chain is a four link mechanism which is used for converting the circular rotation into straight line motion . It is the modification of basic four bar chain.

Single Slider Crank Shaft is kinematic chain with four links.These links are :-
1) Piston Rod
1) Crank
3) Connecting Rod
4) Cylinder

By fixing and turning different links in a kinematic chain process, different types of inversion of single slider crank chain can be obtained. These inversions are stated below :-

1) Pendulum Engine :-
In this mechanism, the inversion is obtained by fixing the cylinder or link 4. In this case the crank rotates, the connecting rod oscillates around a pin pivoted to the fixed link i.e the cylinder and the piston attached to the piston rod resiprocates. In this way a linear straight line motion can be obtained by rotating the shaft.

Pendulum Engine
Pendulum Engine

2) Oscillatory Cylinder Engine :-
In this mechanism, the link 3 i.e the connecting rod is fixed which forms a turning pair. In this engine the end of crank which rotates is connected with the piston using a rod called piston rod. This rod is called piston rod as it is welded with the piston otherwise it would have been called connecting rod. Since the connecting rod is fixed, the piston rod reciprocates when the crank shaft rotates. In this mechanism, the cylinder also oscillates as the connecting rod is fixed. So this mechanism is named Oscillatory Cylinder Engine as the cylinder oscillates around a fixed point.

Oscillatory Cylinder Engine
Oscillatory Cylinder Engine

3) Rotary Internal Combustion Engine :-
The Rotary Internal Combustion Engine usually consists of seven cylinders in one plane . These cylinders are arranged in a radial configuration. These cylinders rotates around a fixed center. In this mechanism the link 2 i.e crank is fixed. When the connecting rods rotates , the piston inside different cylinders rotates.

Rotary Internal Combustion Engine
Rotary Internal Combustion Engine

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